Christ Church Hall, 34 Crescent Road, Crouch End, London N8 8AX

020 8348 9909

Holy Trinity Church, Granville Road, London N4 4EL

020 8347 8989

Starshine Nursery

Little Stars Nursery
Holy Trinity Church,
Granville Road,
N4 4EL
0208 347 8989

Starshine Nursery,
Christchurch Hall
34 Crescent Road
N8 8AX
0208 348 9909

Partnership with Parents

We all have the children’s best interests at heart, and encourage parents to come to us with any questions, concerns or worries. Our staff are happy to support and advise families, and are available for you to talk to when necessary. If you have any special instructions you wish to discuss, or anything you feel we should know, please do not hesitate to come and speak with us. All parents at Starshine are regarded as members of the setting who have participatory rights, including the right to be:


  • Valued and respected
  • Kept informed
  • Consulted
  • Involved and included


We endeavour to provide parents with daily information about their child’s day at nursery, to keep them up to date with the every day, important little things, and arrange regular meetings to discuss each child’s time and development at Starshine.