Christ Church Hall, 34 Crescent Road, Crouch End, London N8 8AX

020 8348 9909

Holy Trinity Church, Granville Road, London N4 4EL

020 8347 8989

Starshine and Little Stars Nurseries

Little Stars Nursery
Holy Trinity Church,
Granville Road,
N4 4EL
0208 347 8989

Starshine Nursery,
Christchurch Hall
34 Crescent Road
N8 8AX
0208 348 9909

General Information

At Little Stars many of the babies are very young, so whilst a few things are routine - such as breakfast and lunch - we follow the children's leads and needs in terms of bottles, sleep and play. We ask parents upon admission to let us know their baby's personal routine so that we can do our best to follow it, providing them with continuity, which should help them to settle in to nursery life more easily.


The children have access to a wide variety of activities, each specifically chosen to help with certain areas of development. We feel that children develop better when they have time to complete tasks at their own pace. Therefore all activities are free-flow, including all adult-led activities, and we allow the children to access them at their own time and pace.


The children also have daily access to the garden.


Our routine is as follows:  


8:00 Nursery opens

Breakfast (finished and packed away at 9)

10/10:30 Snack

11:30 Lunch time

2/2:30 Snack

3:30 Tea time

6:00 Nursery closed